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mmm, nice game

My experience:

Music starts off well and works great to get me in the mood for the game, some transitions may be a little bit loud. Had to adjust volume to 50%.
The animation of the character could be better but it's w/e as it dosn't impact the gameplay.

Level 2 - Mechanic: Jumping, I was dissapointed that the blue line didn't killed me like i though it would. Why would i jump when i just can fall down and walk the blue line. Jumping s«physics work fine though.

Level 3 - The inicial test of holding the right mouse should be adjusted to the left. Camera work is good. I just fell of the platform because i tryed to use space to jump instead of w. Why can't i jump with space bar i wonder?

Level 4 - New mechanic(gun),i just noticed that the upper body follows the mouse and the lower body the arrow keys, it looks really weird when you walk one way but your upper body is facing the other. No point of having a vertical platform sequence where i can just fall all the way down to safety. i think you could have put some traps to force me to take the moving square platforms. Got the gun, swapping the controls is nice. Is this why you didn't use space bar to jump?

Level 5 - Test level to make sure i understand the gun mechanic.

Level 6 - Died once, felt more like a timming test than a gun mechanic test.

Level 7 - New mechanic: Other Objects interacting with my usage of the gun. Not hard to pass.

Level 8 - New mechanic: Picking objetcs with the gun. Level difficulty increased from prior level.

Level 9 - This is a level where you have to manage your timming with the gun to the it right. It tests accuracy and timming.

Level 10 - i was expecting a level where you had to abuse the gun like this. As in " well sometimes chief you have to use the gun even in sittuations that may put you in danger, your mastery with this gun will make you pas the challenge" i liked this one a lot.

I don't have time for more today, but it's looking good so far ^^

Awesome concept, lots of fun. Especially love the music.

Found a bug, after entering the portal to the next level, if you left click before the next level loads it crashes

Hey thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. Thanks for letting me know about that bug also, I'll fix that the next chance I get.